Why Choose Klein

Old Fashioned Customer Service

Providing exceptional customer service is the reason we opened our doors. We believe that going the extra mile for our clients isn’t something we do on special occasions but something we do for every client. Instead of just doing what we’re expected to do, we want to exceed your expectations.

Open Book Pricing Model

Klein & Co. originated the flat rate fee to provide our clients with a simplified structure in the cost breakdown process. We were the first company to offer in candid detail, our itemized costs, and continue today with our open book pricing model.

Accommodations that Meet Your Needs, Not Ours

17827538_sKlein & Co. is not affiliated with any hotel chain or property management company so our goal is to provide accommodations that fit the needs of the policyholder.  We have many years of working with all the hotel chains and many property management companies, as well as landlords so there is no personal incentive for us to place a policyholder in a property that provides additional income to our company.  Our goal in every situation is to provide the family with the housing that fits their needs.


Incorporated since 1995, Klein & Co. is one of the first temporary housing companies in business, specializing in the insurance industry. Longevity in our business allows us to have an edge on business strategy and vendor relationships, which ultimately benefits our clients.

Our Continued Growth

Defying the economy and continuing to grow every year shows we’re doing something right. In a business where word of mouth is unbridled, partnering with a company who continues to accumulate rather than lose business solidifies our commitment to our customers and our relationships.

Our Reputation

Klein & Co. is minority owned firm who has had nothing less than an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We are reliable company who is established as a situation sensitive, fact-acting detailed orientated company, who puts the needs of their clients first. Just ask the people who work with us.