Who We Are

A Refreshingly Ethical Approach

25363627_sKlein & Co. began in 1995 when Jackie Harris, President, recognized a glaring deficiency in the quality of service being provided to those in need of temporary housing. Klein & Co. was founded to meet the needs of people who value their time and desire quality service. It remains her belief that you can give clients quality and value for their dollar while still meeting the needs of the customer. Klein & Co. truly lives the experience of partnership by ensuring that you are fully informed at the outset and important details are not overlooked. Our ability to partner with our clients has helped us build a very loyal client base and earn our excellent reputation in the temporary housing community.


Our Mission: Klein & Co. is committed to reducing our clients’ risk, fear, doubt and uncertainty about temporary housing services. We are committed to a high standard of customer service and eliminating the stress of relocating. Klein & Co. is committed to individualized service, taking the extra time, making the extra effort and being attentive to all of our clients’ personal needs.


We’ve built a team of highly professional relocation specialists who support our United States and Canada customer base. We never lose sight of the importance of providing our services to our clients in a warm, friendly and caring manner.

“Many friends wanted to help, but I told them Klein & Co. had already taken care of everything! Thank you so much!”

At Klein & Co., we leave nothing to chance. From your initial call until the move-out, we make sure you are satisfied.