What You Can Expect

Proficiency from a company who cares

With 20 years of experience housing families who are in high stress situations and have an immediate need to relocate, Klein & Co. will be sure you’re placed in a comfortable, home away from home that meets your essential needs while remaining within your requested budget and/or like, kind and quality.

Immediate Contact after Loss

As soon as your claim h3803865_sas been referred to Klein & Co., we contact you immediately.  We will assist you with your hotel accommodations while we begin locating temporary housing that meets your needs and is in your requested area.  If the request comes in after business hours, our On Call staff is comprised of experienced Klein & Co. employees who will respond with the same sense of urgency.

One Point of Contact

You will be assigned a Klein & Co. One Point of Contact who will be an understanding and empathetic ear, yet guide you along the temporary housing path, always providing our next steps so there are no outstanding questions or surprises.

Accommodation Search

Klein & Co. will place you in hotel accommodations immediately, if needed.  We will also begin the search to locate the housing that meets your needs.

Landlord Communication

We will lead you through the viewing, application and leasing process.

Packages to Fit Your Needs

Klein & Co. offers a wide variety of packages that are specific to your distinct needs.

Insurance Carrier Approval

We will work directly with your insurance company, obtaining all necessary approvals, so there is no additional hardship on your family during this stressful time.

Move-In Details

Klein & Co. will coordinate and manage your move-in day and temporary stay.   We will contact you within 24 hours after you move-in to confirm you are satisfied with your temporary housing.

Care Calls

We continue to place care calls during your temporary housing stay to ensure everything is continuing to your satisfaction.

Move-Out Details

We will continue to provide expert communication with your Landlord regarding notice to vacate, move-out and security deposit return.  We will coordinate the pick-up of your rental items and ensure a smooth transition for you so you can concentrate on moving back into your home.

You Matter

A diverse understanding that like snowflakes, no 2 families are alike. Every family, every situation and every member is treated with dignity, respect and an understanding that they’re the very reason our doors continue to stay open.

Great Communication

With all great partnerships, there is great communication and an exchange of information. If there is something out of the ordinary you may need or require, please ask us!