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Caitlin Sultzer : Relocation Coordinator

Caitlin Sultzer, Relocation Coordinator

Hello all! My name is Caitlin “Caitie” Sultzer, coming from Hays, Kansas. I come from a healthcare and customer service background of working in dialysis, pharmacy and office management. I was interested in this organization because they are providing a service to individuals to better the world we live in and provide assistance to those who need it. I grew up in Hays on a farm and stuck around to help my husband, Dylan, open up his business of Defiance Brewing Co. I enjoy the outdoors, playing sports, hiking, biking, lifting weights and am an extremely active individual. I am the definition of a crazy cat lady and am the proud aunt of two amazing nephews and a beautiful niece.

Joni Reilly-Hall : Relocation Coordinator - Team Lead

Joni Reilly-Hall, Relocation Coordinator - Team Lead

My name is Joni Reilly-Hall and I am a Relocation Coordinator. I have been a Relocation Coordinator with Klein & Co. since October 2012. Prior to that, I spent the last 20 years consulting in the Healthcare field as a Customer Service/Sales and Marketing Consultant and traveled all over the United States. I decided a few years ago it was time to settle down and lessen the traveling in my life and joined the Klein & Co. team. I am the proud mother of 3 children, Emily, Sarah and Jarod, and have lived in the Denver area for over 40 years. Prior to coming to Colorado, I lived in many different states across the East Coast and Midwest. I have two dogs and a cat that keep me company while I watch my children grow older and start their own lives. My oldest child, Emily, will be graduating from college this year and will start her teaching career; Sarah has started exploring the world of Culinary and my youngest son, Jarod, is attending high school. I attended a local business school and the University of Phoenix where I studied Business Administration focusing on Healthcare. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking and walking the beautiful trails of Colorado and exploring new adventures. I also bike and enjoy wine tastings.