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Jackie Klein Harris : Founder, President & CEO

Jackie Klein Harris, Founder, President & CEO

Everyone has their story. My story started on the East Coast while my dad was getting his Masters at Princeton University to further his career as a U.S. Naval Captain. My mother was a homemaker and a part-time Realtor. My parents, sister, brother and I moved around quite a bit as I was growing up because of my dad’s career in the military. Every time we moved, getting us settled into a new place and into a new home was my mom’s biggest priority. I remember how important it was for me to make my room familiar so that the new school and making new friends was not so intimidating. This experience is what makes me understand the magnitude of the word “home.”

Growing up, I was fortunate to live in a number of states. Every summer, we’d drive across the country to see my grandparents in other states and my parents made sure we explored the areas we drove through and visited. Later, when I traveled extensively for Klein & Co., it was comforting because I was already familiar with the areas. It is because of those summers, that road trips are still my favorite way to travel. Now, it helps me have a better understanding of the areas our clients are from.

Prior to starting Klein & Co., I was a Legal Secretary and Legal Administrator for Washington, D.C. and Southern California-based law firms handling civil and criminal litigation. My first experience with temporary housing was relocating the litigation teams temporarily while on trial out of town. I started Klein & Co. Corporate Housing Services, Inc. in 1995. Shortly after I started Klein & Co., my first major client was the largest homeowner insurance carrier, who still remains our client today. I housed their first Agency 2000 interns and continued the housing throughout their four-year program.

Starting a company isn’t easy. There is a learning curve that goes with it but I am extraordinarily blessed to have a great family that has supported me throughout the process. My husband and three stepchildren are the loves of my life. They are extraordinary individuals who provide unconditional support. I have had great joy in watching two of our kids work at Klein & Co. and learn the business. It is greatly satisfying to see your kids have an innate sense of good, old-fashioned work ethic. They have a natural understanding of my business philosophy, which is to offer the absolute best customer service available in the housing industry at the most affordable price. I am an avid believer in providing old-fashioned service in a modern world.

The satisfaction of owning a business is two-fold. Our relationship with our clients is very rewarding. I love seeing some of the same adjusters calling in who called in twenty years ago. Although it is hard to believe so much time has gone by, it is immensely rewarding to know that relationship is still there. The relationship with the families we place is also rewarding. It is heartbreaking to hear their stories of the devastation of losing their homes; however, it is so exhilarating to hear their happiness as they are able to move back into their homes. It is a very unique privilege to help them find comfort in their temporary housing.

The other item I find is the most satisfying is the relationship with the representatives within Klein & Co. My first employee is still here and is still as passionate about working with the families as she was in 1995. This industry isn’t for the faint of heart and it takes a group of people who truly love what they do to make up this company that I am so proud of. I hope you will enjoy hearing their stories told through their bios.

Last, but certainly not least, there are my Miniature Schnauzers. Their stories are on the Pet Name Game but I can’t write my bio without emphasizing how much I love my dogs. As you will see throughout our webpage, pets are a crucial part of our family here at Klein & Co. Some of our employees bring their pets to work and everyone within our company understands that for the policyholders who have pets, pets are a part of what makes the home away from home.

When you look through our webpage, I hope you will see what is important to me – relationships, integrity, and the reward of being proud of the housing Klein & Co. provides.