Rachel Schaub : Team Lead

Rachel Schaub, Team Lead

Hello! My name is Rachel Schaub and I have been with Klein & Co. since February 14, 2013 and I am the Team Lead for the Hotel department. I originally went to college for social work, but found it too much stress on the heart and very little fulfillment on a day to day basis, which is why Klein & Co. is the perfect match for me. I get the satisfaction and pride of helping someone or a family through a traumatic situation, which is what I have always wanted to do- help people. I am a Michigan girl, born and raised in the beautiful city of Traverse City and moved out to Golden, CO in June of 2011 to seek the mountain life and all of the various outdoor activities this glorious state has to offer, especially snowboarding. I couldn’t be happier at my job here at Klein & Co. and the life I live in Colorado!!

Mindy Moul : Assistant Team Lead

Mindy Moul, Assistant Team Lead

Hi, my name is Mindy Moul and I have been with Klein & Co. since May 2012. I am the Assistant Team Lead for the Hotel department. I went to school for Accounting and worked in the Accounting department at Klein & Co. for a bit. However, I missed the interaction of working with the policyholders directly so I transferred back to the Hotel department. I like knowing that I help the policyholders during what is likely the most stressful and, sometimes, most tragic time of their lives. I feel I relieve some of the stress that comes with their relocation during a fire, water damage and other natural disasters. I have lived in Colorado my entire life! I enjoy camping and going four-wheeling in our beautiful mountains. I also love going to the various hot springs that we have. I have two beautiful children that have all of my time outside of Klein & Co.

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