Mindy Moul : Assistant Team Lead

Mindy Moul, Assistant Team Lead

Hi, my name is Mindy Moul and I have been with Klein & Co. since May 2012. I am the Assistant Team Lead for the Hotel department. I went to school for Accounting and worked in the Accounting department at Klein & Co. for a bit. However, I missed the interaction of working with the policyholders directly so I transferred back to the Hotel department. I like knowing that I help the policyholders during what is likely the most stressful and, sometimes, most tragic time of their lives. I feel I relieve some of the stress that comes with their relocation during a fire, water damage and other natural disasters. I have lived in Colorado my entire life! I enjoy camping and going four-wheeling in our beautiful mountains. I also love going to the various hot springs that we have. I have two beautiful children that have all of my time outside of Klein & Co.

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