Frequently Asked Questions

All units are customized based upon your unique needs. We can supply everything from locating housing, coordinating furniture, housewares, appliances and utilities..
Klein & Co. requires a 30-day minimum lease. If you require a shorter stay, we can help by locating a suitable hotel for a shorter period of time. However, after cost comparison, if more than 17 days is required in a hotel, it is usually more cost effective to be put in housing for 30 days.
With Klein & Co., finding temporary housing will ease the stress of your policyholder while keeping them focused on getting their lives back to normal. We find the most cost effective and efficient temporary housing that will best suit the policyholder’s like kind and quality. Our service is fast, friendly and reliable, dedicated to making you and your policyholder satisfied.
Because we are not property specific, we can locate a property that will be conveniently located in or near your desired area, therefore minimizing disruption to school, work schedules and traveling.
Many of the units we work with allow pets. There is usually an additional deposit and there may be a limit on the size and breed of the pet.We will always try to find the most family-friendly and pet-friendly accommodations available. After all, we have children and pets, too (see them here), and that’s exactly what we’d demand from temporary housing for ourselves!

Klein & Co has offices across the nation which helps us to understand the importance of each region. All of our Relocation Coordinators have been through an in-depth training process which helps them to seek out the best option possible.

In most cases, utilities are transferred to the temporary home in the policyholder’s name, but if requested, Klein & Co. would be more than happy to coordinate utilities.