How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep in a Hotel Room

When we are away from familiar surroundings, it can be difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep, especially in a hotel. The bed feels different than our own, we hear other guests chatting when they pass by and lights from the hallway and outside creep in. If you find yourself losing precious hours of sleep while staring at the ceiling in a hotel, there are some quick things you can do to make your stay more pleasurable.
When you make arrangements for your stay, be sure to request a quiet room on an upper floor away from the elevator and ice machine. Avoid rooms that face the pool since it is a common late-night gathering place.
Inquire whether rooms have blackout shades, and plan to use them. These heavy window coverings will block out all outside light, allowing you to even nap during the day in complete darkness. Pack an eye mask to cover your eyes just in case the room doesn’t have blackout shades.
Bring earplugs or a small sound machine to avoid being kept up all night. You never know what sounds might wake you in the night, so it is best to have something that buffers possible interruptions.
Comfort is key to sleeping well. Bring along your own sheets, blankets, or pillows to make the bed more comfortable. Hotel linens may be scented with detergent which could be a skin or allergy irritant.
Before dozing off, adjust the room temperature, and make sure the door is locked and the deadbolt is in place. Breathe deeply and slow your body down to welcome sleep.