Great Ways to Meet the Neighbors

Getting settled in your new home can take some time. Cleaning, unpacking and preparing your living space will leave you with little time for socializing and fun. As part of a new community, meeting your neighbors is an important step in feeling comfortable with your new surroundings. Dropping by unexpectedly can catch people off-guard, which doesn’t always leave a first good impression, so here are some great ways to meet your new neighbors.
Spending time outside will provide you with opportunities to meet new people. Sit on your porch, walk your dog or go for a walk, and you are sure to bump into someone and start a conversation. Make eye contact, smile, introduce yourself and chat about the neighborhood. Taking kids along will help with connections, as they are more natural when it comes to making new friends.
Look for common areas where residents can relax outdoors. This could be a pool, park or sitting area that exposes you to other people. Strike up a conversation with someone and let them know you are new to the neighborhood.
Although you may not need a new set of knives or more jewelry, home sales parties are great ways to meet your neighbors. If you neighbor is hosting, try to attend. It is a nice courtesy even if you don’t want to buy anything. It will give you an opportunity to mingle and get a feel for the different personalities on the block.