Best Gifts for Safety and Preparedness

Theme-based gifts are fun to give and receive. Items can be arranged in a basket, box or just wrapped individually. The best ones are usually the gifts that people don’t typically buy themselves, but really need. Consider giving the gift of safety and preparedness to your loved ones this year—it is one of the most thoughtful and potentially life-saving gifts you can give.
How great would it be to have a box to safeguard important documents, favorite mementos and treasured photographs? With a firebox or fire-safe cabinet, your loved ones can rest easily knowing they’ll be prepared for the unexpected. You can purchase the firebox alone, or use it to house the other safety items you want to include as part of the gift.
Within your firebox, you can include items like candles, an emergency kit, gift cards, a battery-operated radio, and a hand-crank cellphone charger. If the firebox is large enough, you can include a pet emergency kit, a blanket and extra clothing.
If you were thinking of purchasing one larger item, a generator is a great gift. Reliable backup power is important if there is a long outage due to a disaster or a short term outage from a storm. Your loved ones will appreciate this gift for years to come.
Not everyone thinks about making preparedness a priority. Your gift will ensure that your loved ones have what they need in the event of an emergency.